How to Survive Sorority Recruitment

You are headed to college and most likely the week before school starts is rush week. Depending on the school size you might have 500 girls or more trying to rush at the same time you are. Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself for rush and the do’s and don’ts.

Every college should have some sort of packet that they hand out to all the incoming freshmen over the summer trying to get you to sign up for recruitment. In the packet should be what to wear each day of recruitment, follow it accordingly. Don’t get too dressy the first couple of days because how are you going to impress them the last day when it really counts?

-Do wear a watch: this is important because you will most likely not have your phone on you (yes a day without your phone OH NO! but you will survive). You need to be able to check the time so you know when you need to be at the next house party! DON’T BE LATE!
-Do bring deodorant or ask the girl who is helping your group known as a gamma chi, pi chi, rho chi, etc. if they will keep some with them. It will be hot and you will be walking quickly from one house to the next.
-Do bring your lip gloss because you are going to need to reapply and don’t forget some mints 🙂
-Do look as presentable as possible but more importantly be yourself and dress like you normally would. Trust me if you are wearing something that is definitely not something you would normally own it will come across that way.

-Don’t talk about Boys during recruitment at all this is a major turn off to the sorority that is trying to recruit you.
-Don’t talk about going out all the time or drinking because sororities are not looking for another party girl that could give their organization a bad reputation. (Yes the girl you are talking to probably has a blast on the weekends but you can discuss about that after bid day.)
-Don’t wear heels or wedges unless you absolutely have too. Cute sandals or flats will do just fine, trust me, 5-6 hours in heels walking from one party to the next will not turn out good.
-Don’t give them any reason to not ask you back the next day, give them more reasons on why they should keep you.
(community service you do, what you are involved in, that you would love to hold a position, etc.) They want someone who will benefit their organization not keep it where it is at or lower their standard.
-Do not talk bad about any of the sororities to other sororities or even other people that are going through recruitment with you. Word might travel and you may end up not getting into any of the sororities you liked because they won’t want someone who rude or mean towards others.
Recruitment can be one of the worst weeks and best weeks of your life! Just remember to go into it open minded and you might get cut from a sorority you really liked but stick it out because I promise you everyone ends up where they are meant to be. Good luck finding your home for the next four years on your college campus and enjoy the time you have when you are given amazing sisters to share the same rituals and values with. Some of the best memories in college happen with your sisters.



Guys in College

Whenever you go to party in college you encounter different types of guys: The guy who hasn’t come out of the closet yet, the wanna be player, the actual player, the nice guy who has a girlfriend, the responsible one, the funny one and the tough guy that likes to start fights.
There is always that wanna be player. The wanna be player is the guy that has a lot of girls around him. It’s the guy that has a lot of girls that are friends, that find him attractive, that might steal a kiss or two if they are lucky. This guy loves the attention and loves meeting new girls and flirting with them but they will never find themselves ending up in his bed. You see this guy at a party and you see him disappear for a bit with a girl and you think it is going down, but in reality they are talking, or perhaps making out but no further. This is the guy that just got out of a long committed relationship and is finally enjoying his freedom/attention. This guy will have girls like him and he will pull the friend zone on them but others he won’t put them in that zone so quickly. He will find a girl attractive and spend time with her but he still disappears at parties she is at with other girls because he is “drunk”. He has no commitment so he can do whatever he wants, right? He can do whatever and this girl will still be around, why? Because she actually genuinely cares about him and she likes the guys at that party he is always at. This wanna be player will lead her on and say the right things and get what he wants and even more but by the end he will put her right where the others are in the friend zone. He does this because he wants his freedom and attention he is getting. He loves that he can have a dance partner on the dance floor and it might turn into a make out in that back dark corner by the restrooms. He loves that this can all happen and he doesn’t get yelled at because he isn’t committed to anyone. But what he doesn’t realize is that girl he had fun with, flirt with, got what he wanted and more with was a girl that was one of a kind. I am talking about a girl that would do anything and bend forwards and backwards for him but he won’t realize that until he has had enough freedom, and ready to find a girl to settle down with and once he does, that girl will probably have a ring on her finger from someone who didn’t take her for granted and realized she was a keeper from the beginning he couldn’t let go.
College dating is all about finding that person you are going to spend the rest of your life with; I mean you know when you are dating at this age it will end up in one of two ways: engaged or breakup. So if the guy you like is the wanna be player move on and maybe he will realize before it is too late but if he doesn’t maybe you will find someone who end up putting a ring on your finger and is 100% times better than that wanna be player you thought you really liked. Who knows maybe the wanna be player was meant to just be in your life as a friend but you thought it was supposed to be more but that ring on your left hand will reassure you because you are ready to commit and start a life and are pass the freedom days.


What this blog is all about

I have read numerous blog posts on relationships, love, college, 25 things you should know about your 20s, etc. I have found some of the posts interesting at times but they haven’t really helped anything. I wanted to create something more. I wanted to create a blog about a college person’s life and what other way to accomplish that but by blogging about my own and other people that I surround myself around. I will share my mistakes and success that happen to me through my college years and give advice on things that I tell others. This blog is about the classes I will take, the work I procrastinate on, the events I attend, the things I do within my sorority, the relationships I encounter, and the friendships I make.

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